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AT&T Handsets Now Display When Calls Arrive From Verified Numbers

AT&T is acting on its commitment to authenticate calls and deal with robocallers. The firm has turned on validation displays that allow you know when a call actually did arrive from a specific number. You will require a Galaxy S10+, Galaxy S10, or LG V40 ThinQ to employ this service from home (it is also accessible for consumers of digital home phone), but it operates same way irrespective of platform. If a call has been confirmed, you will see a green tick mark alongside the number along with “valid number” below.

The service is free of charge, even though it does have some drawbacks beyond the initially restricted machine support. The implementation is still premature, and a number of calls that have not been tagged might still be genuine. You will see that tag more often as more suppliers use the underlying tech (SHAKEN/STIR). This does not assure that somebody calling from an actual number is above-board, either. It can still be a scammer, a robocaller, or a telemarketer.

This is a beginning, although, and AT&T is committing support for more phones in 2020. Eventually, this is more about discouraging spammers as compared to anything. If all goes as per the plan, it can oblige robocallers to either employ authentic numbers (and elevate the odds of being banned) or lose the attention of progressively wary targets.

On a related note, AT&T committed that this year it might bring actual 5G to millions of users, and now it has. It revealed in November 5 markets on the list to receive 5G in 2019, but this week the list of launch areas has increased to ten. Coverage maps display exactly where you can get 5G, even though most users will require a new handset and to fill that requirement AT&T is also starting sales of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10+ 5G.

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