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United States stock markets end on lower note this Tuesday

The stocks in the United States had ended on a lower note on Tuesday as it set a new losing streak of two days with the deadline of December 15 looming for the additional tariffs and this certainly weighed down on the Wall Street.

The investors also had to digest the news of the revision in the free trade pact and wait for the insights from the policy of the Federal Reserve meeting which has now gotten underway.

Investors have been in the mode of reconciliation as they collect signals on the day about the trade negotiations status between United States and China.

The reports from the White House have been vague and have only reported that the negotiations are still underway and the tariffs are all set to kick in on the 15th of December even though the progress towards the interim deal is being made simultaneously.

However before the beginning of trade, it was reported that the trade negotiators from United States and China have been laying their groundwork for the delay of new tariffs. Larry Kudlow who is the economic adviser to Donald Trump has said that the tariffs are still pretty much on course to taking place.

The stocks had been lower all across the globe after a separate report which indicated that the lawmakers in United States had been working on a bill which would stop the usage of the federal funds for buying the busses and railcars from China. This is being seen as a move with is going to further complicate the efforts of getting a trade deal going. Most of the experts believe that it is indeed going to be difficult for the trade deal to be competed during this week.

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