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Secretive guest swings nearby Sun from the space’s depths

Currently, a lot of attention and excitement has been shown by the astronomers regrading comet 2I/Borisov. The mysterious visitor is recognized to be the first ever identified comet from the space’s depths to arrive here from anther star. It is still unknown that when and from when the sun was headed by this comet, but it is sure that it will not stay there for long. The gravity of the Sun is quietly being deflecting by its trajectory, but it cannot be captured because of the high velocity possessed by it, which is nearly one million every mile and due to the shape of its orbit.

The fleeting visitor have been watched by telescopes all over the world. The sharpest views have been provided by Hubble Space Telescope of NASA as the Sun is skirted by the comet. From the month of October, the comet has been followed by the space telescope. It has been officially released by Hubble that, the comet’s center, which is a loose agglomeration of dust particles and ices is just similar to nearly 3,200 feet crossways, alike to the length of 9 football fields. Even though Borisov comet is the 1st of its type, no wonder there are several extra comet drifters present out there, pursuing the astronomical among stars.

Astronomers are going to be eager for the upcoming one more mysterious visitor from the space. David Jewitt, who is a UCLA lecturer said that, he along with his colleagues have given the sharpest pictures of the 1st established interplanetary comet, he also added that, the best upper limit of the Borisov’s size of then nucleus have been given by Hubble, which plays the significant part of the has been shown by the images given by Hubble that, Borisov’s nucleus is fifteen times minor as compare to its past suggested investigations.

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