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Samoa extends state of emergency to 29th December

Samoa has said that their state of emergency is going to be extended to the 29th of December with the number of cases increasing to 5,154 among the ones which are reported since the outbreak has begun in the month of October. Samoa’s population is just 200,000.

Measles had started appearing on the shores of New Zealand earlier in the year in the tourist city of Auckland which has been a frequent attraction for travelers from around the world.

Majority of these who have passed away in the island of Samoa due to the disease which is highly infectious have been the children who have been less than four years of age. The island nation had a lower rate of vaccination than the neighbors in the region.

Following a campaign of mandatory immunization, the government of Samoa has said that close to 93% of all the people who are eligible in the country have been vaccinated now against measles.

The foreign minister of New Zealand, Winston Peters has said in his statement which announced the funding that prevention through vaccination is a way which is the most effective in terms of avoiding this illness and a health emergency which is costly.

Under this plan, the children who are under five years of age and the new mothers and the families are going to be the target of vaccinations. The funding is going to be directed to the W.H.O. and also UNICEF.

W.H.O. had made a description of the fact that the children are dying from a disease that is preventable as a failure of protection of the children who are most vulnerable

The organization has said that measles has infected close to 10 million people in the year 2018 and has killed as many as 140,000 people of which most are children.

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