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Millionaires more cautious on the direction of economy than they’ve ever been

The millionaires are more cautious than they have ever been with the direction of the economy post the years which had been leading up to the financial crisis in the globe.

The sentiment of investors on the economy for the coming one year has dropped by 14 points from one year ago to reach -7 which is the lowest level it has reached in as many as 13 years since 2006 as per the index which has been released by Fidelity Investments. This marked the lowest level ever since this index started in that very years.

The index has surveyed as many as 2026 investors which included 1,102 millionaires and also 924 investors whom the survey referred to as future millionaires. This study put its focus on five major measures for the confidence index which were the stock market, the economy, the consumer, the real estate values and the business spending.

The most recent data has signaled that a few of the wealthy investors have been skittish about the economic expansion which has lasted 10 years even as the job market remains robust and the stock markets are touching record highs.

The survey had been conducted in the month of August and it was during a third quarter that had been turbulent with the stock markets being under pressure due to the fears of recession. The recent signs to be sure have been pointing at the economy in the United States being strong and the creation of jobs strengthening in the month of November as the unemployment levels fell to a low of the last 50 years.

Therefore there is no major reason why a few of the ones polled have been skeptical.

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