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Amazon Opines That Pentagon Denied Him The Jedi Contract Owing To Trumps Bias

Amazon is of the opinion that it has lost a contract for military cloud computing that had a worth of $10 Billion to their rivals Microsoft due to President Trump having a vendetta against Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon.

As per a report, Amazon has written in a complaint to the federal court on Monday that the officials of Pentagon had reviewed the submissions of Amazon which were outdated for the project known as JEDI before they granted this contact to Microsoft. The CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, is not the target currently of one of the feuds which have been undertaken by the president

The complaints of Amazon in the court in Washington has claimed that Trump had made an intervention in the process of awarding the contract for hurting Bezos who is his perceived rival politically with the Department of Defense having made a lot of inexplicable and blatant errors in their compliance with the directives of White House.

The legal team of Amazon has written that the Pentagon had failed in acknowledging the many instances where the web services of Amazon had displayed their capabilities of exceeding the requirements of performance. Further, they said that they had also ignored the instances when Microsoft had failed in demonstrating that their solutions had met the requirements technically.

Amazon had further added that the Pentagon had not followed the procurement rules and they had subconsciously or consciously complied with the desires of their chief commander which according to them was the rejection of a superior bid by Amazon.

Amazon has claimed that the filing of those factors had included a last-minute requirement which prevented them from using the certified centers of existing data for classified usage.

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