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Hair Straighteners And Permanent Hair Dyes May Increase Risk Of Breast Cancer

Hair straighteners that have chemicals in them and the permanent hair dyes may not be as harmless as they look like.

On Wednesday it had been reported that the women who are using the chemicals are at a bigger risk of development of breast cancer than the ones who are not using these products.

As per the data taken from as many as 46,709 women, it has been found that the ones who are using chemical hair straighteners and permanent hair dyes were more vulnerable to breast cancer by 9%.

Alexandra White, who had been an important member of the research, has said that the researchers had been studying the links which were possibly there between cancer and hair dyes for a while, however, the results which had been reached turned out to be inconsistent always. She further said that in their study, they saw that the risk of breast cancer increased with the use of hair dyes. The research has also noted that the effect is a lot more in the women who are African American, especially the ones who are frequently using these products.

The women who were white and had dyed the hair with permanent dyes every 5–8 weeks had a risk increase of 8% and, at the same time, the African American women who had similar habits saw a risk of breast cancer to be higher by 60%.

The researchers have also found that there was no increase in risk among the people who use temporary or semi-permanent dyes.

Women who had used the straighteners for a minimum frequency being 5–8 weeks, irrespective of the race had been more likely by 30% for the development of breast cancer.

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