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Health Care In The State Of Nevada Ranked Among The Worst For Mental Patients

The teenagers and children who are in need of health care related to mental illnesses do not have access to the healthcare services as much as they have in the other states as per the advocates.

 A not for profit group named Mental Health America has ranked the state 51st among all the states in as many as seven categories of the younger population being at risk of mental illnesses.

The factors in the September review of the group had included the emotional & psychological disturbance and the disorders which are related to substance abuse, depression-related episodes, and the children whose private insurance does not cover the treatment of mental illnesses.

The experts have said that the suicide rates among the youth have been on the rise across the states.

A psychology expert named Robert Weires has said that challenges exist for the state and these are real challenges in terms of the providers of services and so on.

All the providers have been telling the affected children and their parents that they do not serve children and the ones which did had to wait for over three months.

Frost had said that the population has seen an increase and they have not been too good about the growth of their own professionals.

This newspaper had reports of the youth mental health-related services in the areas which were close to Las Vegas had been hurt by its closure in the month of August of the largest provider of mental health in the states which was Montevista Hospital.

A new facility at the Southern Hills Hospitals is among the only few improvements which have been taking place.

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