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Influenza Outbreak Means Healthcare Personnel To Wear Protective Masks

The Health Commissioner of the New York State, Dr. Howard Zucker has on Thursday declared that the disease Influenza is prevalent now in the state of New York.

This announcement has put into effect the regulation which requires the workers of healthcare who have not been vaccinated against the disease wear procedure or surgical masks in the areas where typically the patients are present.

Dr. Howard Zucker has said that the requirement of the personnel in healthcare wearing a mask has the intention of protecting the patients from being infected by flu as the personnel are likely to pose a bigger threat to the patients who are vulnerable by the transmission of influenza that causes serious complications often.

The regulation for the prevention of the disease being transmitted had gone into effect first during the season of influenza in the year 2013–2014 and required the healthcare workers who had not been vaccinated in a few healthcare facilities to be regulated by the Department of Health in the New York State to wear the procedure or surgical masks when it was declared that influenza is prevalent in the state of New York.

Flu activity in this state has now been considered to be widespread with 42 counties having cases of influenza that have been confirmed by the laboratories.

Only in New York, 691 flu-related hospitalizations have happened and one death which is associated with the disease has taken place.

In the previous three seasons, there had been 20 deaths which were associated with flu in children in New York and there were 18,352 hospitalizations in every season of flu, if an average number is considered.

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