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NYC City Council Votes To Prohibit Flavored Non-Tobacco E-Cigarettes

NYC is prepared to become the biggest US city to prohibit flavored non-tobacco e-cigarettes. The city council voted to prohibit them, and Bill de Blasio (the Mayor) will let it pass into law or sign the bill, as per media reports.

The decision is made to stop vaping among teens. Dr. Oxiris Barbot (Health Commissioner of New York City) claimed lately that there is proof of children as young as 11 exercising e-cigarettes. Almost 1 in 15 students in the area have claimed they do so.

“NYC is lastly dealing with a public health disaster that has been increasing for years while local and state governments all over the country did nothing about it. We are lastly taking action to deal with the renaissance of teen nicotine obsession caused due to usage of e-cigarette,” claimed Mark Levine, chair of the council’s health committee and the person who issued the legislation, to the media in an interview. “With this decision, the City Council is going to ban the minty, fruity, candy-akin e-cigarette flavors that were clearly developed to lure teen users in the first place.”

A lung disease that has been connected to vaping has led to deaths of 42 individuals all over the US and impacted over 2,100 individuals. The Trump management has wavered at the federal level over whether to prohibit flavored vape pods, or lift the minimum age for e-cigarette to 21 to deal with teen vaping.

On a related note, bans on sales of e-cigarette are swiftly turning out to be a global phenomenon. The tobacco regulators in China have asked online shopping firms to “provisionally” terminate online stores that sell e-cigarettes. It’s prohibiting sales of e-cig on the web. Officials disputed in the notice that this was to defend the “mental and physical health of teens,” echoing alarms in the US.

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