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Rev Bans Children From Working As Transcribers In Its New Contract

Rev, the transcription company, upgraded its Terms of Service contract this week after reports of employees unhappy with exposure to graphic files without warning and low salary. Most of the alterations seem to be efforts to harden its employees’ classification as separate contractors, but there is one distinguished change: the firm now needs transcribers to be minimum 18 or older in some regions.

Before the update, the website of the firm explicitly claimed that it had “no age limit” for operating on transcriptions. The employment laws in the US majorly do not apply to the kind of freelance labor employed by Rev, “so there might be people below 16 operating more than 40 Hours per week on Rev and that is not against the law,” University of California’s associate professor of law, Veena Dubal, claimed to the media. In an email to the media, a spokesperson of Rev claimed that state laws around working age limits must be obeyed.

Rev charges users a flat fee of $1 a minute of video/audio transcribed. Much of it is inoffensive content, such as meetings, but employees have condemned the firm earlier over getting a small share of that rate and facing disturbing content without alerts. The media spoke to more than a dozen freelancers at Rev and got screenshots from the firm’s website confirming employees have been shown graphic descriptions of amateur porn, sexual assault, police interviews that describe murders, violent videos from police body cameras, and 911 calls defining dead bodies and mortally wounded people.

On a related note, earlier this month Apple updated its privacy page that clarifies what the firm does to defend your privacy. They are much simpler to read, allowing you skim via a list of separate Apple apps to check what each one does to defend your personal info.

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