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Huawei To Sue French Critics Saying It Has Ties With The Chinese Government

Huawei is taking a more aggressive stand in opposition to critics who state it has connections to the government of China, as per media and La Lettre A (the French investigative site). The telecom behemoth has filed 3 defamation lawsuits in France in opposition to a French researcher, wireless network expert, and broadcast journalist, all of whom made statements on different TV programs. Huawei has verified that the claims were filed earlier in March.

Huawei claimed that it is only taking action over claims that it is managed by the Chinese government and that is employing its know-how to commit acts of spying. “These statements are fake,” it claimed. The statements follow at a time, though, as France lately enacted new law named as the “Huawei Law.” That will permit any firm comprising Huawei to bid on French 5G infrastructure, but will also offer the government power to reject or approve them on the basis of national security connotations.

The US government has been stressing EU allies to prohibit Huawei from developing 5G infrastructure. While France has evaded that by permitting Huawei to bid while sustaining the right to decline it, Germany has claimed that it will permit Huawei to access and build its 5G networks. The US has claimed both Canada and Germany that it might slash back access to intelligence info if Huawei is permitted in.

Huawei has taken legal action against the US government for barring its equipment in the US from 5G networks, but using the courts in opposition to critics seems to be a new plan.

On a related note, earlier the UK claimed that it is supposedly close to permit Huawei into its 5G networks. Media sources stated that Boris Johnson (the Prime Minister) is close to permitting the Chinese firm into “non-contentious” regions of 5G network in the nation.

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