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UAE Aims New Front Lines With Law To Control Space Tourism And Mining

The UAE sent its first astronaut in the space this year and has intended to release a probe to Mars, is seeking other new frontiers—such as space tourism and mining. The head of the UAE ESA (Emirates Space Agency) said, but first there is need for the regulation. Mohammed Al Ahbabi—ESA Director-General—said to AFP that in a few months the UAE will endorse its first space law that is made to attract investment and control the activities and services of firms functional in the country. He said, “It was sanctioned by the administration and at present is in its last stage of issuing.” The UAE—who is on the global map due to its gigantic skyscrapers and mega-projects—expects unearthly new industries can be the input to its economic future.

The nation already has the most miscellaneous economy in the oil-dependent Gulf, but the once-thriving property, trade sectors, and tourism that have made it a provincial powerhouse have slumped in last few years. So currently it is looking beyond the Earth itself, with characteristically grand goals for a nation whose cities emerge from the desert. In March, the ESA inked an MoU (memorandum of understanding) with Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic for collaboration on different plans, counting potential tourism flights. George Whitesides—Virgin Galactic CEO—said, “We look ahead to work with the UAE ESA and other associates in the UAE.” The new regulation will also standardize UAE-developed satellites to ensure they hold on to international space treaties.

Recently, the UAE ESA hosted the “Women in Space” summit at Dubai Airshow 2019. The conference reported various decision-makers and experts from the international space sector coming together in the Space Pavilion, to confer the significance of capacity building, gender diversity, and the implementation of modern technologies for the development of the global space industry.

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