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Researchers Spot Ice Fossils On Olden Meteorite Found In The Sahara Desert

Our Solar System is getting complex each day as the number of bodies being discovered or destroyed in the system is quite unpredictable. A team has recently found a new way to investigate the earliest days of our system and that is by studying the ancient meteorite that had fallen into the Sahara Desert decades ago. The asteroid named Acfer 094 is being investigated and the researchers have found it to have pores and holes that appear fluffy. The pores have been termed as ice fossils by the scientists. The asteroid will help unravel certain facts about the Solar System’s planets and meteorites that are assumed to be formed billions of years ago.

The meteorites have been floating in the space from billions of years ago and have remained rocky and frozen until they near the Sun. The moment meteorites drew closer to the Sun the ice melted and the fossils were left behind in the gaps formed in them. Acfer 094 will help the scientists understand the distribution of ice in meteorites and also the early days of the Solar System. The details of the cosmic fossil can help understand the planet’s origin. The rocks like Acfer 094 are predicted to have been condensed and altered to form planets or other large structures. The more pristine meteorite are analyzed, a better sight of the past is captured.

Similarly, comet 21P/Giacobini-Zinner is something close to the Blue Planet as it appears every 6.5 Years in the dark skies. The small comet is known to release ice and rocks debris into space which falls onto the Earth every year along with the annual Draconid meteor shower. The scientists have found that one of the earlier meteor showers seems to have triggered the origin of life on Earth. The researchers have found comet 21P to release bizarre infrared emissions, which means it may be rich in complex organic molecules. Similarly, Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko was the first one to be closely examined by humans in 2017. The samples showed presence of organic molecules. Thus, the comet 21P is being intricately analyzed to help unravel some facts about origin of life and the past.

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