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In China, Only 14% Of Companies Embrace Artificial Intelligence: IBM

China is broadly referred to as a universal leader in AI (artificial intelligence) but merely 14% of firms in the nation are actively utilizing AI software, as reported by Alain Bénichou—CEO of IBM’s China business. Mentioning the research from IBM’s IBV (Institute for Business Value), Bénichou added the rate of acceptance in China is greater than the international average, but still it is not very high as anticipated. During CNBC’s East Tech West event, Bénichou said, “There is still a long way to go. When you think regarding cognitive-savvy firms, it is just 14% of the firms that are very actively utilizing AI in everything they do.”

The U.S. and China produce more AI experts than any other nation, but Bénichou alleges there is a lack of talent in Chinese companies. There is a “setback with skills,” stated the French businessman, adding that people should be retrained or up-skilled. A number of Chinese firms are also struggling to move ahead the concept validation stage, Bénichou stated, alleging that they “are unaware of the business case” or how to “inculcate value” in the information they have. A lack of faith in AI also holds some Chinese firms, stated Bénichou, adding that venture AI systems must be transparent and explainable.

On a similar note, recently, health tech experts discussed if AI can ever replace human doctors. Reportedly, from discovery to diagnosis, digitization is extensively being approved as the latest approach to medicine. Patients and health care practitioners are rapidly embracing advanced technology and digital apps to get to the bottom of a sickness. But Dr. Chun Yuan Chiang—Founder of IHDPay Group—does not think that technology and AI can ever replace doctors. He said, “I don’t feel at this stage, we are even close to 100% and sure that AI can substitute a traditional high-touch kind of doctor-patient relationship.”

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