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China’s Progress Is Slowing, But UBS “Overweight” On Chinese Stocks

Reportedly, the economic growth in China is declining in the middle of an unending trade war with the U.S., but Swiss investment giant UBS is not actuating from its “overweight” place in Chinese stocks. Chinese GDP (gross domestic product) surged by 6% yearly during the third quarter, which is the weakest rate in the last 27.5 Years. UBS projected that the growth in the second-largest economy globally will conclude this year at 6.1% prior to slowing even more in the upcoming years to 5.7% in the next year and 5.6% in 2021. Tan Min Lan—Chief Investment Officer (Asia Pacific) at UBS—said to CNBC, “I feel what is been very motivating in view of the Chinese marketplace is that even though expansion is slowing, you can, in reality, see that the financial reformation that they have been attempting to follow is, in fact, bearing fruit.”

She elucidated that the economic reformation in the past few years has caused the consumption contributing a superior share of Chinese development now, in correlation to the previous few years. Additionally, China has been developing the share of greater value-added manufacturing in its financial system and consolidated domains like property and upstream materials, she said. Those alterations have benefited some firms. As an outcome, proceeds of Chinese firms have done better than anticipated, said Tan.

On a related note, recently, Nomura stated that China’s economic decline in the midst of the U.S. strength might lead it to strike a trade deal soon. It seems that the trade battle is taking a major toll on China’s financial system compared to that of the U.S., and that might prompt the Chinese to give up, as reported by Nomura. In a note, Richard Koo—Chief Economist at Nomura—said, “I suspect the ever more marked delay in China’s financial system, coupled with new employment statistics pointing to persisted strength in the U.S. financial system, are putting intense pressure on China to settle as quickly as possible.”

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