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Chinese Councilor Criticizes US, Calls The Biggest Source Of Instability

The U.S. is the biggest source of instability globally and its officials are going worldwide baselessly maligning China, the Chinese administration’s top diplomat stated in a harsh attack during a G20 meeting held in Japan. The relations between the two largest powerhouses have nose-dived in the midst of a bitter trade battle—which they are constantly trying to resolve—and disputes over human rights, US’ support to Taiwan, and Hong Kong. While meeting to Stef Blok (Dutch Foreign Minister) on the sidelines of a G20 foreign ministers summit in Nagoya, Wang Yi (Chinese State Councilor) did not hold back in his disapproval of the U.S.

Wang added, “The U.S. is largely engaged in protectionism and unilateralism, and is affecting the multilateral trading system. It has become the biggest destabilizing factor globally.” For political purposes, the U.S. has utilized the mechanism of state to hold back legal Chinese businesses and has unreasonably pressed charges against them, which is an act of harassment. He added, “Certain American politicians have maligned China everywhere in the world, but have not presented any kind of evidence.” The U.S. also used its national law to “rudely interfere” in China’s domestic affairs, attempting to harm “one nation, two systems” and Hong Kong’s prosperity and stability, Wand asserted.

Speaking of the ongoing trade war, recently, a CEO warned that tariffs on China can soon hit the U.S. economy in a significant way. Emanuel Chirico—CEO of PVH Corp.—said to CNBC, “The tariffs slapped as a part of the U.S.-China trade spat might not be significantly impacting the American financial system yet, but that will not carry on forever. I feel we can all manage it in the short duration, with the anticipation that it will resolve since you can pressurize your vendor base to do few things.” Chirico’s company owns Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger.

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